Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Visible Power Of The Resurrection In Our Lives

Daniel Hill read the following quote from W. H. Vanstone in his sermon this morning.
"As Jesus moves about, He leaves behind him, a trail of transformed scenes and changed situations: fishermen no longer at their nets, sick people restored to health, critics confounded, a storm stilled, hunger assuaged, a dead girl raised to life. Jesus’ presence is an active and instantly transforming presence. He is never the mere observer of a scene, or the one who waits upon events, but is always the transformer of the scene and the initiator of events."
Daniel asked the questions: “Is there anything in your life that’s happening that can only be called revolutionary? Are there areas in your life that are being killed and resurrected? Are there changes that are taking place in your life that nothing can explain, other than the power of the resurrection? He went on to challenge us that there should be revolutionary things happening in our lives. "May those around us see the power of the resurrection in action in our lives.”

You can download Daniel’s sermon at the link on the right, which will bring you to the River City sermon podcast in iTunes.

Happy Resurrection Day! May we live more fully in the power of the resurrection!

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