Monday, April 30, 2007

Justice and Partial-Birth Abortions

Here's a link to a thoughtful article posted by Stephen Monsma, from Calvin College, on the Center for Public Justice web site about the Supreme Court and partial-birth abortions.
Justice demands that both the unborn or being-born child and the mother be given their due in our nation’s laws. Banning almost all abortions should be balanced by actions that include fixing our health-care system so that everyone has access to health insurance and to basic health care. Public policies should also provide adequate assistance to poor single mothers and their families, as well as job training and supportive services when they have chosen for life and against abortion.

Steps such as these would help assure that our public policies are just—both for the unborn human life and for their mothers.
You can read Justice Anthony Kennedy's horrifying description of the partial-birth abortion process at this link. This is definitely a justice issue.

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