Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Spiritual Formation of Moses

I've been enjoying some great messages from the Zondervan Podcast this week. I listened to Eugene Peterson on Wednesday. He said writing The Message was just a continuation of what he was already doing as a pastor, taking Scripture and putting it into common everyday language. He said he didn't start writing because he had something to say, but because he wanted to discover what there was to say. I like that. That's why I blog. It's in the writing that we find our message.

Today, as I walked around the lagoon, I listened to Ruth Haley Barton speak about the spiritual formation of Moses. It is an outstanding message, especially for leaders. She traces Moses' growth from an undisciplined justice crusader who committed murder, to his place of solitude in the wilderness where he got in touch with his own sense of being an alien in a foreign land tracing back to his roots as an Israelite raised as an Egyptian, and then to being called to leadership and formed by God to the point where his vision for entering the promised land was superceded by his desire to be with God. It's a great message and very well delivered.

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