Friday, April 27, 2007

Midday Connection Think Tank

Yesterday I joined a group of about fifteen women to brainstorm ideas with Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt, the hosts of the Moody Network Midday Connection program. The program will be going to two hours instead of one next year and they are trying to decide how to structure the program for that. It was great to meet such a powerful group of women in leadership and to hear what media they read, watch and listen to. I wrote down a list of good books they suggested and got lots of ideas for sermons and articles. It reinforced for me the benefit of focus groups to generate good ideas. Thanks for inviting me Anita!


Paul said...

Any fiction books? (har, har...)

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

I was part of the group that met with Anita. It was a very interesting discussion.
responding to Paul, I would recommend Quaker Summer, a novel by Lisa Samson. Lisa is the author of about 20 books, and she and her family are dedicated to social justice and her concerns for that shine through this very well written novel.