Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bob Lupton: Gentrification with Justice

Here's an audio file of Lupton on Gentrification and how we should respond. Gentrification is a term referring to the "gentry", people with money, reentering a community that has been run down for years, buying dillapidated properties at low cost, renovating or building new construction. Gentrification is a good thing in that it brings vitality to a community. The propblem is, if it is not done with justice the poor are forced to move. Lupton says we are currently exeriencing a diaspora of the poor being displaced and scatterd to communities outside the city. This brings new challenges to both urban ministries and suburban churches.

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DianeEM said...

God seems to press on in doing a real, big community work within the U.S ... How exciting!!! And, your recommendation for Sunday service is a tough choice, if one must choose one... We totally enjoyed the last ccda/pastor Daniel message you had recommended...yet, my history is still tied to PCC.. and, I am praying that Bob's words may move mountains tomorrow!.. God has been hammering me about justice; and, I am convinced the apostles knew we needed to serve the poor to aid in healing the depravity of our human self-centeredness... I am also convinced that most Christ-followers need to get 90% of their finances in God-alignment to aid in this justice thing in all settings-city, suburb or country....that is assuming the first 10% is there. It seems just the attempt to pursue that would create more healing & justice in community... The poison of this "me" culture seems to set no limits on what claimed-Christ-followeres acquire in this land of disposable income with bigger homes, closets, vehicles, etc., etc., etc..... Grace is the, how are we going to live Real about this? ...Well, we are here, in the desert, trying to figure out what that means for us at Sandals Church...
Love & miss ya,
Diane EM/ Sandals Compassion Outreach