Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm speaking at River City on Sunday

I need you to pray for me as I am preparing to speak at River City Community Church on Sunday. It is intimidating for me because Pastor Daniel Hill brings such great messages. Please pray that God will speak through me and touch hearts and if you are in the area come on by!


Keri said...

You are going to rock!
Because only you can tell your story and only you have the words God had given to YOU...
praying for you

Rebecca said...

Plus, you know you've got at least me out there rooting for you and I already like you.

Not saying that your primary goal is to get people to like you. But sometimes it helps me to know that someone out there has at least one reason to listen to me.

Now I'm just back-pedaling. You will be great because God shines through you just as much as he shines through Pastor Daniel. All the time.

allan said...

you rocked the house. I have already spoken to a couple of people who were deeply challenged by your sharing today.
Thank you....
Thank you for being part of the River City family.

Arloa Sutter said...

Thanks you guys! You are my inspiration. And thanks for bringing me to River City Allan! It's the power of blogging!!