Friday, February 23, 2007

Amazing Grace

Cindy and I went to see the movie, Amazing Grace, tonight. It's definitely worth seeing, a bit slow especially in the beginning, but very inspiring. The theater was packed and their were a few amens throughout the movie. People applauded at the end. I was inspired to keep up the fight for justice. We need to carry the torch.

There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans rivals illegal drug trafficking in its global reach—and in the destruction of lives.


Tom Neumann said...

William Wilberforce:

By 1833 his health had begun to decline, and he suffered a severe attack of influenza, from which he never fully recovered. On 26 July 1833 he heard, with much rejoicing, that the bill for the abolition of slavery had finally passed its third reading in the Commons. On the following day he grew much weaker, and died early on the morning of 29 July. One month later, Parliament passed the Slavery Abolition Act that gave all slaves in the British Empire their freedom.

Thank you for the post Arloa it still brings tears to my eyes and a shiver down my back to hear the song "Amazing Grace"

Ted Gossard said...

Arloa, Yes, that's one of the very few films I care to own. Important for us today.