Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dead Cats and Darkness

Sometime on Saturday someone evidently ran over a cat in front of my apartment. I felt very sad when I first saw him and grew even more "yucked out" as I watched him grow flatter and flatter every day as more cars ran over him throwing him right beside my usual parking spot. The street lights have been out on my block for the last several days as well. In the darkness last night I stepped on the dead cat!

After a few days I began to wonder whose responsibility it was to move the dead cat off the street. Finally today I decided it must be mine. Fortunately with the temp at 9 degrees he was very frozen and very flat. I put him in the trash can in the alley.

This evening the lights are back on, the dead cat is gone and a beautiful snow is falling. All is at peace on Fulton Boulevard.


Keri Wyatt Kent said...

first mice, now a cat. I sense a theme emerging. Who knew that urban life involved so many encounters with wildlife?
Hopefully that kitty is in a better place now...

Rebecca said...

Finally today I decided it must be mine.

Ah, the sacrifices we did not know we would want to make when we decided to follow Christ. :-)