Friday, December 23, 2005


Today in the Tribune, John Kass wrote about taking his ten year old twin sons to see "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". He said the theater was packed with kids who were mesmerized by the movie and that despite what the critics are saying, kids love it. Teri and I saw it Wednesday night. While I thought they could have done a better job with the death of Aslan scene (I just remember the book moving me more emotionally than the movie did), I thought it was great.

One of the scenes that Kass describes got to me as well. "It happened when Aslan the lion spoke quietly on the hillside with Edmund, the boy who loved Turkish Delights, and who, through fear and selfishness had betrayed his family, and was redeemed. You could see Edmund talking with Aslan, but you couldn't hear dialogue. That's when my sons, sitting on either side of me, squeezed my hands."

Redemption, forgiveness, a second chance, being gazed at lovingly and spoken to gently in spite of my rebellion, that's incredibly powerful!

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