Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Disguised In Despised Humanity

Why do you come to me disguised
In what slips past my blinded eyes
Sealed up with fantasy and dream,
When You in thirst beg as You stream
Urine stench in clothes unkempt and I
Press coins in palsied hands that die
For bottles holding drunken hope
And days You only stagger and grope.

Toothless and fat, You stay unseen
In hungry widows searching streets
For sales of sex in order to eat
And feed children without any heat
Or a chance to escape their pain
In blanket-less attics that drain
And double in pangs of hunger
Your body now trapped down under.

Ordained to choose both rich & poor,
You even at times chose to endure
Unholy plights of prodigal
Sons who squander the regal
Father’s inheritance in time,
Yet without crusts or slightest rime
You found ways for me, your brother,
Who kept every law yet smothers,
To recognize You in God’s time.

Gus Wilhelmy
December 18, 2005

"Copyright December, 2005"

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