Sunday, December 25, 2005

Experiencing the Peace and Joy of Christmas

I was in the grocery store yesterday when a woman rushed up to me and asked in a frenzy if I knew where the hand lotion was. I said I didn't but it must be right around there somewhere. She looked exasperated and said she had looked everywhere and felt like killing herself!

"Oh, don't do that!" I said.

"I just wish it was Monday", she sighed as she rushed down the aisle in search of hand lotion.

"What a sad way to experience Christmas!" I thought.

Tomorrow is Monday. The rush is over. Let peace rule! Please save me from that kind of tyranny!

We had a nice day, went to church, ate turkey with stuffing, rice, yams, jello, corn meal muffins, watched "Crash" and "Anger Management" and played Monopoly. I am blessed with peace!

Thank you Jesus for bringing peace into my life and my family, and thank you that some day you will reign in peace on this earth!

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