Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why blacks are leaving evangelical ministries

Here's a link to a very important article in Christianity Today by Edward Gilbreath entitled, Exit Interviews:
Why blacks are leaving evangelical ministries
. It is adapted from Gilbreath's book, Reconciliation Blues: A Black Evangelical's Inside View of White Christianity. Several people have pointed me toward this book this week so I just ordered it. I also just discovered Ed Gilbreath's Blog thanks to Rodolpho Carrasco at Urban Onramps.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Arloa. The article was quite interesting and I am going to order the book today. We still have so much to learn about this thing called reconciliation.

Marcie Curry said...

I really gained a lot of insight from the article. I have a black friend,who works for the Impact Movement, who has been the only non-white in many circles, and he has also expressed the exhausting feeling of having to speak for all blacks. He also is tired of being so heavily recruited by white churches and ministries to be the "black voice". This article really helped me better understand what he goes through. It's a lot of pressure.

Anonymous said...

Arloa, Thanks for this link and introduction. This book will definetly be on my list. I read the article and felt my insides groan. It's not often that someone can articulate what you are experiencing or feeling.

Thanks for the post