Thursday, January 11, 2007

Water To Wine and Running Out Of Sugar

One evening the women at Breakthrough’s Joshua Center for Homeless Women were pouring coffee when they discovered they had run out of sugar. There were many moans and groans, especially from those who were recovering from alcoholism as their bodies craved the sugar to replace their alcohol intake.

Later, I led them in devotions from the book of John. Our Scripture for the night was about Jesus turning the water into wine. I asked the women what they do when they run out of resources, when the jars of their lives are empty and it seems like life is hopeless, when the sparkle is gone, when the love has run out. I was passionate in my application. “What do you do when you when you don’t have enough? Who do you turn to when the zest is gone from your life, when you are empty and dry, when it seems all of your resources are gone?”

“When you run out of sugar?” one of the women quipped and we all had a good laugh.

The point I was trying to make was that no matter what problem we are facing, Jesus, who turned the water into wine, will bring the sense of celebration, the love and the resources back into our lives if we just bring our empty jars to him and ask him what to do. We talked about the fact that Jesus cares about our need, and will act to meet our needs when we turn to him and do what he tells us to do, that he can work miracles in our lives if we trust him.

A few days later a volunteer came to the center and said she wanted to donate some supplies for our food pantry. Without anyone telling her about our special need, she donated two ten-pound bags of sugar! God gave our homeless women a first hand experience of his special love and care!

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