Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday Ron Hall, the co-author of "Same Kind of Different as Me" mentioned that Denver Moore had made a vow never to speak to a white woman because he had been beat up and drug behind horses by white men after he stopped to help a white woman change her tire. After their talk Alice, one of our volunteers, asked a great question. She asked Denver if he struggled with anger over how he was treated.

Denver talked about forgiveness and how he knew he had been forgiven much himself and that he had to let go of the anger. For years he waited on an evil Nazi man who spit in his face and called him a nigger repeatedly. Denver took care of the man when no one else would go near him. I think he learned how to love and forgive. That kind of forgiveness clearly takes the power of God. I get defensive and angry when someone looks at me cross-eyed. I pray for that kind of spirit in our personal lives and our families and work relationships.

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