Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is Increasing the Minimum Wage the Answer to the Right Question?

Here's a link to an interesting post from Chris Rabb on the Fast Company Blog about the minimum wage ordinance that passed in Congress last week and now heads for the Senate.
Ultimately, shouldn't we be asking ourselves, our public servants and business leaders what responsibility must we take as a nation to ensure that no legitimate business be compelled to base its economic sustainability on the necessary exploitation of its employees?

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Anonymous said...

I found the article very interesting. I hadn't thought of the minimum wage issue in that exact angle before.

then I noticed...
the former CEO of Home Depot was paid 210 million dollars to resign...
another oil company CEO was paid over 400 million to quit.

Apparently when big business CEO's get let go, they get millions of dollars, while most folks get a spot in the unemployment line.

I don't know the math, but maybe we could solve alot of the living wage issue if we made "maximum greed laws".