Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Listening to Regina Spektor

I downloaded Regina Spektor's album, Begin to Hope. She has a quirky sort of folkish blues style that grows on you. Her songs also have an urban theme. She lives in New York. Here's a You Tube upload of "Fidelity", one of the songs on the cd.


kimorelock said...


Chris got me an iPod for Christmas and I've been listening & watching your podcasts! I love them and keep up the good work!


Arloa Sutter said...

Welcome to podland Chris and Kindra. I think we should highlight you guys in a future podcast!

PrincessMax said...

This song was on a WXRT mix CD that I got at a promotional event. I listened to it on repeat for 2 days straight in my car. I can't make my voice do those glottal stops no matter how hard I've tried. I guess it's like yodeling: you have to have grown up doing it to really sound right.