Sunday, August 27, 2006

There's a power in poverty

Listening to...

Poverty by Jason Upton from his Faith cd.

There's a power in poverty
that breaks principalities
And brings the authority's
down to their knees
There's a brewing frustration
an ageless temptation
To fight for control
by some manipulation

But the God of the kingdoms and the God of the Nations
The God of creation sends this revelation
Thru the homeless and penniless Jesus the son
The poor will inherit the Kingdom to come

Where will we turn when our world falls apart
And all of the treasures we've stored in our barns
Can't buy the Kingdom of God?
Who will we praise when we've praised all our lives
men who build Kingdoms and men who build fame
But heaven does not know their names
And what will we fear when all that remains
Is God on His throne, with a child in his arms,
and love in his eyes
And the sound of his heart cries

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