Monday, August 14, 2006

mp3 file of the Bono Interview

Here's a link to the Codex blog. His August 12th entry includes a download of the Bono-Hybels interview at the Leadership Summit that everyone is talking about!


Sharla said...

You inspired me while I was a student at Moody catching a glimpse of your brave heart and adventurous path. I especially remember your story about the little lamb in the wintertime growing up.

I was just so excited that you are also a blogger.

You are definitely a woman on my "to be like" radar. Thanks for the courage to go all out for God.

Arloa Sutter said...

Thanks for you kind words Sharla. I prayed for courage today so it was encouraging to read your comment. I meditated on Hebrews 12:1-3 this morning and was impressed with the need to persevere and endure and most of all to not "lose heart" and God used your comment to lift my spirits. Thanks!!