Monday, August 28, 2006

Same Kind Of Different As Me

My friend and co-worker Nancy Hall has given me permission to post the following email I received from her. I just started reading The Same Kind Of Different As Me and can already tell it is a "must read".

One of our Breakthrough volunteers, Sharon Durling, called me a few days before my vacation and felt compelled to strongly recommend that I read the newly published book, Same Kind of Different as Me. It's a true story of an affluent white couple who volunteer at a homeless shelter, in Ft. Worth, TX, and meet Denver Moore, a homeless guest. There's a transformation process that happens for the couple as well as for Denver that's quite amazing.

I began to read the book on the plane. The story was so riveting that I finished the book by the end of the plane ride (six hours later). I concur with Sharon that it's an amazing story that our staff, guests and volunteers would be positively impacted by. It's most definitely written from a Christian perspective but it doesn't hit you over the head with the bible in a negative way. It's truly a story about grace. And, it fits very well with our Breakthrough values.

The authors, Ron Hall and Denver Moore were recently interviewed on TV.

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