Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bono at the Leadership Summit

I didn't get a chance to blog last week. I had a house guest in for the week and didn't want to be rude with my nose in my computer.

I attended the Willow Creek Leadership Summit Thursday through Saturday. It is always really great and this year was no exception. I wish I had time to write about what Jim Collins, Patrick Lancioni, and Wayne Codeiro had to say. But I want to highlight that James Meeks was one of the speakers. He and Bill Hybels have become friends. Bill confided that he has had a conversion in recent years in realizing the urgency of racial reconciliation. Yeah!!! He has accompanied Meeks on several justice journeys to Birmingham and Selma. It is encouraging to see Willow become more interested in racial justice.

Another highlight for me was a Bono interview with Bill Hybels on video. He challenged church leaders to get involved in ending poverty and to address the AIDs pandemic. Willow is making the DVD of the Summit Bono interview available to groups in attendance who will commit to use it to show their people. Much of what he said was also reflected in his message at the National Prayer Breakfast which I linked to in my blog in February.

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