Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Greater Chicago Food Depository leadership visits Breakthrough

The Missions and Programs Committee of the Greater Chicago Food Depository toured our new facility and held a meeting at our site today. I am so impressed with the leadership of the GCFD. You can sense from everyone involved that they are passionate about what they do and have established a culture of personal care and excellence. I appreciate that they are moving more into the area of advocacy to address the root causes of hunger. They want to work more closely with grassroots organizations like ours. We are blessed!

Pictured above are...

Kate Maehr, Executive Director
Caroline Howe, Chief Operating Officer
Angel La Luz, Jr., Director of Agency Programs and Services
Jamie Stanesa, Director of Agency Relations
DonElla Bradford, Director of Community Outreach
Todd Warnock, Chairman of the Board
Pastor Leonardo Gilbert, Vice Chairman of the Board
Monica Haslip, Chairman Missions & Programs Committee
Carl DuBose, Missions & Programs Committee Member
Dennis Delavara, Emeritus Trustee and Missions & Programs committee member
Bill Curry, Chief Operating Officer of Breakthrough

[They are not pictured in that order, and for some reason my camera decided to take the picture in black and white with a touch of gold... I dunno!]

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