Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear Anonymous

I have an anonymous commenter who has called me "tiresome, trifling and patronizing". Hey, sorry, I don't mean to be. I wish I was smarter and a deeper thinker. I am a very average person trying to make it in the world. Why do I blog a lot about black/white issues? Cuz, I am a rural white woman of German American descent living and working in a community that is 98% African American and I'm trying to understand the implications of race in this context. I know I simplify. I know I have lots to learn. I invite you to a more personal discussion instead of the constant putdowns that I delete cuz they make me feel small and don't really generate discussion. Feel free to email me personally instead of the curt anonymous criticisms. Perhaps you can help me understand why you are so angry. Sorry if that sounds patronizing.


thaberean said...

Arloa, don't sweat the haters. If the person doesn't have the courage or courtesy to share who they are, and in a way that promotes dialogue, then it's not likely you're going to get through to them anyway. Just pray for 'em. And you're far from tiresome, trifling, or patronizing. I think folks have the freedom to disagree, but when they do so anonymously and disparagingly, you don't have to entertain their mess or stress over it. That's just my two cents...

rudy said...

I don't suffer anonymous comments either, good for you.

Paul Luikart said...

I would definitely agree. I would say that anonymous commentary is pretty cowardly, and because, in this case, it's pretty malicious, it defintely excludes the dialogue you're going for, Arloa. I admire what you say in your posts (admire a ton, as a matter of fact) and you are certainly miles from tiresome, trifling or whatever else. Just the oppostie. I think you're insightful, humble and a causer of deep thought around pretty big topics.

Shlomo said...


Dear Arloa,

Hmm, what can I say? I'm so sorry to hear this, but it sort of goes with the territory. It's sad that a lot of people would rather take cheap shots at those like yourself, who are openly willing to discuss racial issues, and not enter into the conversation themselves. When we engage one another face-to-face we become accountable for the words and thoughts we express. I pray that the LORD will continue to strengthen you as we move further along together.



Arloa Sutter said...

Thanks for your encouragement Joyce, Rudy, Paul and Shlomo. It really means a lot. I am privileged to be in this struggle for justice with you all. I pray we can represent the love of Jesus well. That's really what matters most to me.

JP Paulus said...

Hey Arloa,

i echo the comments of not getting caught up with this anonymous person. Don't take it personally. It's OK to answer a few things, and open a conversation, but it's not worth going farther if it stays negative.

Imagine if you had a whole internet community that was as negative -- and as anonymous -- as what you got.

That's the world of the Uptown neighborhood.

In one of my first comments to your blog, i was still hot & bothered by some of those kind of comments on another blog or message board about Uptown...

Here's the rants of one such blogger/message board poster, known as IrishPirate. This title should say it all: JP Paulus is a doo doo head and Jesus is disappointed

Don't let the internet bullies keep you down -- or suck your time!

Keri Wyatt Kent said...

I would say don't engage in any kind of dialog, esp. via personal e-mail, with this guy. He's just looking for a fight, and it is so easy to be misunderstood via e-mail. a lot of people write terrible criticisms of me and others on the web. best thing to do--ignore it. It is okay for you to set some ground rules of common courtesy, and if he can't follow them, simply refuse to have the conversation.
I, for one, think you ROCK! and I learn so much from your blog and your experiences.

Thomas Scarborough said...

Dear Tiresome, Trifling, and Patronizing, ;-)

It's just, well, interesting to look in from Africa here and see what life and ministry is about at your side. What happened to the regrettable comment? I think it's vanished.

Every blessing,

Arloa Sutter said...

Hey Thomas. I'm honored that you would visit all the way from South Africa. Peace to you! How are race relations there? We are hearing a little about the anti-immigration protests in Capetown.