Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm at the Dead Sea tonight

Clouds over the Mediterranean Sea

It's been a long day. I slept about an hour on the plane and then we put in a full day.

Here is my friend Christine at Joppa, the port Jonah left when he tried to sail for Tarshish instead of Ninevah, and where Peter saw the vision of the sheets and was visited by Cornelius on the roof of Simon the Tanner's home. The home was right in the vicinity of this little old village.

The most moving thing for me today was to visit the Judean wilderness where Jesus went after his baptism, where he fasted for forty days and was tempted by Satan. It was sooooo hot. I can't imagine fasting for that long in such a barren wilderness. Jesus was not playing! This is Bryan and Denise McNeil at the wilderness site. Bryan teaches philosophy at Moody.

I swam in the hotel pool that is filled with water from the Dead Sea. It’s amazing, like lying on a floater without the floater, or on a sea of nearly congealed jello.

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