Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gently corrected

I told my lamb story (see my 4/21 post) to the staff yesterday and was told how condescending that story would be to our guests, that I am somehow a rescuer and that our homeless guests would follow me around like a lost little lamb who has found his mother. Yuk! That's not what I meant, but I can sure see how it would come across like that. I have so much to learn and feel like such an insensitive schmuck sometimes!

I actually have thought of myself more like the lamb in the story. I know how much I have needed the kindness and support of others and that is why I relate to the urgency of expressing Christ's compassion toward people who have been marginalized. But I recognize how important it is to communicate the recipriocity of our relationships. I have always received more than I have given from the people who come to Breakthrough. So many of our staff and participants have challenged my faith, corrected me and helped me to grow. When I have lead devotions at our homeless centers I am blown away by the deep faith most of them have. They have cried out to God for help and God has met them.

We are all in need of a breakthrough, especially me. I am so glad to have people around me who set me straight.

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