Sunday, June 15, 2008

CFL Light Bulbs

Can someone explain this video to me? I have been using my compact florescent light bulbs with pride with the understanding that they save energy and are good for the environment. If this video is true I have to question whether the danger of breaking them and the disposal of them brings more harm then good. Help!


Sarah said...

The new eco friendly light bulbs contain mercury. When the bulbs break, they release that substance which is not only harmful to the environment but to humans as well. I dont say IF the bulbs break, i said when because when we throw them out they are bound to be crushed thus exposing the hazardous material. I wrote a blog on this startling knowledge about 2 months back when this was on the news. They recommended recycling the lightbulbs at a haz mat facility, but most Chicagoans cant bother to recycle everyday products - let alone haz materials!
This was on the news as one woman dropped one of these new lightbulbs and broke it and the mercury leaked out and stained her carpet. When she found out the stain was MERCURY, she went to all the news stations because she couldnt believe no one said anything about this before.

Sandra said...

All flourescent light bulbs contain mercury. So, if we haven't been disposing of the tubes we replace under our cabinets or in our overhead lights properly we've already been contaminating landfills. CFLs do contain less mercury than regular flourescent bulbs. However, I personally find it disconcerting that we will be required to use certain bulbs, without the corresponding disposal processes being made more readily available. I have also had difficulty trying to find out the true "human cost" involved in the manufacturing these dangerous products. That bothers me even more.