Friday, May 18, 2007

Shane Claiborne on "Speaking of Faith"

Shane Claiborne is a leader among young people who are seeking to live simply and take seriously matters of poverty and justice. He is the author of the book, Irresistable Revolution and founder of the Simple Way, where he and others live simply and in community in Philadelphia. Here's the link to the public radio site with the audio and other info. They call him a "new monastic".


Shlomo said...


Hi Arloa,

Hmm, Shane Claiborne huh? You really are intent on covering as many bases as possible I guess. Shane is a great man of GOD,IMHO, even though he is still regarded as a youth himself. I don't know exacly how old Shane is, but I'm rather certain he's in his mid-30s. Anyway, one of the things that makes Shane "great," in my estimation, is his appreciation of GOD's work outside of his own personal venue. In reading The Irresistable Revolution I was struck by his time spent as an intern at Willow Creek in Barrington, IL as well as his summer stay in Calcutta with Mother Teresa. I fear that some of Shane's admirers are not so well balanced, but I pray that his influence will prove to be more than superficial as time goes on.

Thanks for sharing the link and info on Shane.



mike said...

There was a massive fire in the Kensington area of Philly last night. It appears that one of the houses in the Simple Way (the one shane was living in)was burned. I am sure they could use our prayers right now. I am posting all the info (including video) I can on my site -