Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Josiah House

I got this email from a friend today...
I had a thought today that I just have to share with you.

I was reading the story of Josiah this morning and how he tore his clothes in grief when the Scriptures were discovered and after he studied them, he realized they had not been following God’s ways and will for their lives. I was then reading my favorite book, Walking with the Poor, at lunch just now and he was talking about passages in Isaiah 1:17 and 10:1-2 and Ezekial 17:48-49 about the sin of Sodom. So many Christians have been reading these passages in the past few years and are being awakened to the obvious themes of seeking justice and encouraging the oppressed in Scripture.

Today is like Josiah’s times, a time of waking up to what we have not cared about or noticed in God’s word for a long time. We could tear our clothes too, don’t you think? It grieves me that this isn’t THE topic of conversation everywhere. Sometimes I feel like people think you have to be especially “called” to care for the things that Breakthrough does or the people we minister to. No! It isn’t a special calling! Am I nuts?
No, you are not nuts and I think you just gave me the name for the house we're supposed to open that I described in my May 3rd post entitled, The Need for More Theological Reflection. Let's call it the Josiah House. Has anyone seen a suitable house for sale? It should be able to sleep about fifteen, have space for a library and resource center, a fireplace would be nice, and of course a very large dining room so we could put a big table in it that would seat about 20.

It will be a hospitality house where people will come to stay for a few weeks or months to learn the language and theology of the gospel and justice. Guests will work to maintain the facility half a day or serve in community ministries and then spend the other half day in the resource library doing guided study assigned to them by their mentor. It will be about reclaiming the message of Scripture about the gospel, justice, mercy and compassion. We will have conversations open to the public nearly every night with special guests in to lead discussions. We will have lots of fireside chats and meals and conversations at the big table. I can see it in my head as clear as day. The next step is to find the house and get funding to buy it. Send me an email if you want to be part of a meeting to talk about this.


CO & O said...

I can see that the Josiah House is a tremendous blessing waiting to happen!

Before attending the BUILD class, I never thought it was okay to talk about race and justice. I think of all the time I wasted, not talking...

This idea proves how good God is, how much He longs for us to experience His justice, how he longs to redeem us!

It's a wonderful idea.

Mikkele said...

this kinda sounds like l'abri USA :)