Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm training for the Chicago marathon!!

On Monday I made the big decision to start training for the October 7th, Chicago Marathon. Someone asked me if I am a runner. I had to say no. I was a pretty disciplined runner for a time in my 20s and 30s, but I am 53 now and haven't run for more than a decade. I hope, in the words of Rocky Balboa, to "go tha distance"!

At the end of June I am heading to Zambia, DR Congo, Botswana, Victoria Falls, and Zimbabwe with World Vision. I know from my trip to Ethiopia in 2004 that I am going to be overwhelmed with a desire to do something to make a difference.

So I decided that one small thing I can do is join the World Vision Chicago Marathon team and raise money for World Vision while I run. I set $5,000 as my target to raise so please join me in this important cause. You can pledge online at this link. I am going to need all of the encouragement I can get!!

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Mikkele said...

i ran the marathon last year! it was an incredible experience. i ran for the inspiration cafe.