Friday, March 16, 2007

Timothy Keller: Our New Global Culture

Here's a link to an interesting article by Timothy Keller entitled, Our New Global Culture: Ministry in Major City Centers. He says ministries in city centers will be effective if they:
  • Hold the historic Christian gospel—orthodox and
    Biblical in doctrine and practice, but are neither
    legalistic nor liberal, neither doctrinalist nor
    pietist, neither individualistic nor collectivistic.

  • Have a positive regard for the city; recognize that it
    is the most strategic possible place for ministry.

  • Neither over or under adapt to the culture of those
    in their surrounding neighborhood and culture.

  • Are intensely, creatively evangelistic and effective
    in reaching not just people who are already
    traditional or conservative but who are very

  • Relentlessly emphasize and seek to build strong,
    “thick” counter-cultural Christian community in
    cities, especially through cell groups.

  • Are holistic, ministering in both word and deed to
    their community and the poor in extremely creative
    and generous ways.

  • Have a bias toward being multi-ethnic—seek to be
    at least as multi-ethnic as their neighborhood.

  • Are arts and culture-friendly; both supportive of
    Christian witness in “secular work” and willing to
    train people for cultural leadership, not just church

  • See church planting as a ministry as natural and
    important as discipleship, music, education, and
    pastoral care.

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