Friday, March 17, 2006

My Prayer Rope

OK, this may seem weird, but after reading about the ancient use of prayer ropes in Tony Jones' book, The Sacred Way, I designed a rope of my own and it has really helped me to remember to pray throughout the day. Don't worry, I don't think there is special power in the rope, or in my case, a shoe string, but holding it in my hand as I drive or sit in boring meetings (at city hall) it reminds me of the top ten things I have felt led to pray for during my morning reflections. Ten knots, ten reminders. I spend as much time as I want at each knot, pondering the person or situation, trying to listen to what God is telling me about it or them, asking how to pray, communing, praying. Every once in awhile I need something fresh to refocus my spiritual disciplines. This week it is the prayer rope... not to be confused with remote control beads!

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Prayer Rope said...

Love the fact that you mad your own prayer rope.

And indeed it does not hold special powers a traditional prayer rope is a tool to count your prayers and help you concentrate.

I myself use it with the Jesus Prayer.

Regards and God Bless,