Friday, March 17, 2006

Hemant, the ebay atheist, may be coming your way on Sunday

Several weeks ago, Hemant Mehta, a DePaul graduate student and an avowed atheist, sold his soul on ebay. He declared that for each $10 bid he would attend an hour of church. The winning bid of $504 came from Jim Henderson on February 3rd. Henderson manages the web site Instead of the 50 hours he had purchased, Henderson contracted with Hemant to visit 10 to 15 church services of Henderson's choosing and write about his experiences on the off the map web site.

So far, Hemant has visited Old St. Pats, Park Community, Parkview Christian, Willow Creek and Salem Baptist. All of them are in the Chicago area. You can read his commentary on the off-the-map web site.

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