Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This is what 100 years old should look like

This is 100 year old Vorese Fisher. This awesome woman of God is the only remaining family member and aunt of Tracy Kennedy. She is affectionately known to many of as "Aunt Vo." Tracy had a photo shoot for Aunt Vo a few days before her 100th Birthday. Oh yes, she is 100 years young!

Aunt Vo gets her rest. She loves the Perry Mason TV show. She cooks delicious homemade rolls. She is still mobile and enjoying riding her stationery exercise bike to stay healthy. This woman of tremendous poise, grace, and beauty is still in her "right mind". If you ask Aunt Vo what was her secret to longevity she would say , "Jesus in the morning. Jesus in the afternoon and Jesus at night keeps me in peace." Aunt Vo revealed her secret for health is simply moderation. Nothing overdone...nothing overdone. Aunt Vo retired from being in sales at the Bullocks Wilshire store in 1975. She is an avid reader. She learned how to endure the struggles and hardships of being a woman of color and so happy to have lived to received White House birthday greetings from President and Michelle Obama. (via Tracey Turner)


Nate Heldman said...

i'll be lucky if i'm not 80% prosthetic by the time i'm 100.

must be the day of 100 year olds. a friend just sent me this one.

Sally said...


Keri Wyatt Kent said...

aunt vo looks and sounds like a beautiful woman!
love this!

Anonymous said...

Some fifty year olds don't look that good! Thank you Aunt Vo, letting me know there is a secret fountain of youth.