Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Link To Michelle Obama's Speech

Here's the link to the outstanding speech by Michelle Obama that I mentioned on Thursday. She describes her experience growing up on the south side of Chicago and the low expectations people had for her. It was very inspirational for those who love to see people rise up above the odds and become models for the younger generation.


Anonymous said...

Michelle might I add, had a lot to say about high expectations too! In fact, the thesis of her argument was against the unwavering instability in the standards. She talked about the "moving bar" or irregular standards that are often set and then set again for ethnic minorities.

So by way of pragmatism, I'm curious as to how you feel about the obvious inference she was making, given the present political climate, that AA leaders are often faced with this "moving bar" of unpredictable standards?

PrincessMax said...

What a great link. Thanks Arloa. That little girl was the best way to start my morning. I also love the fact that she and Barack are still paying off their college loans. How could I not identify with them?