Friday, February 22, 2008

A Gated Community of the Soul

That's an interesting phrase isn't it? I got it from Michael Lindsay in this interview with Tim Stafford of Christianity Today about The Evangelical Elite.

Elite evangelicals have very conflicted feelings. And yet it's not a debilitating emotion. For many of them it lights a fire in their belly to try to do something. That's why a lot of these folks are what we would call "cultural entrepreneurs," trying to do something for the common good. Their faith gives them a compelling sense of activism to make the world right. It also gives them a more positive outlook. They're more hopeful about their ability to make a difference.

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Sarah said...

What is an "elite" evangelical? Is that biblical? The thought of some people being elite is disturbing to me. As far also as the notion that these conflicted feelings lead them to try to do something for the common good, is that biblical?

I believe God, and our love for Him, should motivate us to do good and just things. Also, shouldn't a "positive outlook" also come from Scripture and faith?

You said you got this where? A Christian magazine? Interesting.