Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am honored to participate in the HELPSudan Birthday Party for the Lost Boys at 6:00 PM Saturday night at the Swedish Museum at 5211 N. Clark. HELPSudan is an organization founded by four of the Lost Boys to restore the dignity and hope of the people living in the Bor Region of southern Sudan. Their mission is to establish learning facilities, recruit teachers and provide school supplies as well as provide health resources and clean water.

If you are unfamiliar with their story you really need to read about their incredible journey. These boys who are now in their twenties are a true inspiration. Below is a video of Jok Kwol Wel, who traveled back to Sudan with several board members last year and was reunited with members of his family who had assumed he was dead. Jok told his story today on Chicago Public Radio.

The four Lost Boys who founded HELPSudan pooled their own money to start a school in southern Sudan by hiring one teacher. In less than a year 11 volunteer teachers and 1,000 students joined him. Our goal Saturday night will be to raise enough money to build a permanent school building.


Del Shimandle said...


We're very excited that you will be part of our fundraiser tomorrow night! You have been an inspiration to us and have blessed us with your wisdom and enthusiasm.

Thank you for emceeing our event tomorrow night, and thanks for presenting us to your readers today!

Del Shimandle

Sarah said...


How did you come into contact with these men from the Sudan, and did you meet your monetary goal at the party?