Monday, October 22, 2007

Socks and Towels

Here's another Breakthrough story. On Friday afternoon a program assistant from our men's shelter sent an email to our development department asking if there was any way we could get the word out to the public that the center was in desperate need of socks and towels. What he didn't know was that the Regional Passion Conference held in Chicago over the weekend had already put out the word to the 2,300 students who attended to bring socks and towels with them to the conference for the homeless. They collected 5,900 pairs of socks and 1,200 towels. On Saturday our Volunteer Coordinator, Dave Healing, went to pick up a van full of socks and towels!

While loading the socks into the van the van door broke. As Dave was struggling to fix the door a homeless guy approached and asked what he was doing. Dave said he had a van full of socks and asked the man if he needed a pair. The guy grinned broadly and lifted his leg to show that he had no socks. Dave gave him a pair and said, "By the way, do you know how to fix this door?" The homeless man knew exactly what to do to fix the door and left delighted over his new socks and towel.

Call it coincidence if you want, but I think its another example of God's amazing love, providence and provision.


Anonymous said...

Blessings Arloa

My name is Amelia Rios, I live in San Jose California over 40yrs. I've been feeding the homeless for the last 2yrs, and need more direction and structure to the plan of Christ in me. I've been doing this out of my own pocket and it is getting costly. I managed to turn to (TLN)tv yesterday and heard you testimony of your divorce, and how the lord made you successful. I heard the lord speak to me hear I am...asking the angels of god to shoot the arrow towards the mark in faith of course because I too have no idea what I'm doing. I do however hear their voices crying in the wilderness.

peace and mercy
Bridges Ministry

A Freedom Worship Center
Production - Sr Ps Hoa Tong

dave said...

The "Dave" guy here...

In actuality, some of the "coincidences" are a bit more amazing (details that were lost in transition). Rusty (the program assistant) called me literally in the minutes between me receiving the confirmation call regarding having socks donated and me finding someone to go get the socks. I was able to tell him "wait 1 day." Amazing.

I also must admit that the whole experience was frustrating to me up until meeting the homeless man. I had forgotten about the donation so having to scramble a pickup at the last moment on an otherwise full weekend made me feel like saying "keep your socks and towels!"

I am humbled.