Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Teddy Stallard Story

Here's Tony Campolo, the consummate story teller, telling two of his great stories: the bag lady at Nordstroms, and the Teddy Stallard story. Does it matter to you that the Teddy Stallard story is not true? The story has even been made into a heartwarming video. It is actually a work of fiction created by Elizabeth Ballard (now Elizabeth Ungar). It's an urban legend. I still like listening to Tony tell a good story. And, of course, teachers can make a huge difference in the life of a child.


Anonymous said...

I suppose there is another side to the story. I'd like to hear Tony's version before I make any judgments, but I really wanted the story to be true

Genryu said...

The story is indeed a work of fiction, frequently mistold and not correctly attributed to its real author - Elizabeth Ballard who published it in Home Life magazine in 1976. Relating it as if it were true, undermines the very concept of truth, is a cynical manipulation of people's gullibility and emotions and deserves to be both roundly condemned and confronted.

Indian Lake Papa said...

I enjoy Tony Campolo - especially the Teddy Stallard story. We can all learn from this story just as Christ shared his thoughts through parables.

We need to care for each other -

My prayer today,
Jesus, I want people to see you in me today, and help me to see those opportunities and not miss them because of my selfish business. Amen