Sunday, October 22, 2006

Women's Ministry Day at the New Landmark Missionary Baptist Church

I was privileged to bring the Scripture meditation this morning at the New Landmark Missionary Baptist Church. I got to sit "in the pulpit" (ie. on the platform) beside Rev. Cy Field's wife, Yolanda, who serves as Breakthrough's Director of Women's Services. It was an incredibly inspirational service. Yolanda preached. She is always great. And the worship was outstanding! I loved the "Litany for Women" which was read responsively. It was very unlike anything I have ever heard in churches from my background. Black churches do not have to be reminded that social justice and community service is intrinsic to the gospel.

All knowing God, who sees and helps to bear the pains and disappointments of every black mother, we ask that you extend to our mothers comfort and strength.

We pray for women everywhere. They give us life and love and hold our families together. Amid changing family structures we remember mothers young and old, single mothers and fathers, homeless mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and surrogate mothers.

We pray for women who suffer due to unemployment, insufficient housing and poor healthcare. Heal black mothers, Lord, as they have often experienced mistreatment and witnessed the harsh abuse of their children, husbands, siblings and parents.

Awesome Savior, fortify our sisters. Continue to make them a refuge in the time of trouble.

We pray for mothers and their children, as violent crimes and drug abuse conspire to tear the fiber of black families.

We pray for women of old who have bent their backs cleaning homes, picking cotton and working by the sweat of their brow. We thank them for their determination and their belief that education is a door to liberation and success.

God, empower women to enrich the lives of their families. Aid them as they teach sons and daughters determination and the value of investing in the future.

Women have always been activists and leaders, teaching us how to live and making our communities better. We remember poet and writer Frances E. W. Harper who birthed a crusade against lynching during Reconstruction.

We remember Rosa Parks who birthed a bus boycott, and Shirley Chisholm who blazed the trail to high public office for black women.

We cherish Sisters who teach, write or preach the truth and who open the minds of children to limitless possibility. We celebrate women who are homemakers, educators, authors and pastors, who formulate ideas, expend creative energy and inspire young people to become leaders.

They have been a loving presence in business, play, in the arts and in all of life.

Because women taught us that "the Lord will make a way out of no way", we have the inheritance of a powerful spiritual legacy. We give women bouquets of gratitude and honor. Kind and Gentle Savior, ever bless them.

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