Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dr. Stanley Tam

Last weekend I had the privilege of meeting the daughter of Dr. Stanley Tam, the founder of US Plastics. I was deeply inspired by his story.

At the age of twenty, Tam had an idea and started his own business. In 1936, on the road trying to sell his idea he ran out of money. “I was stranded and broke except for thirteen cents and two gallons of gas."

God,” he prayed, “what shall I do?”

"Start for home. I’ll see that you get there,’” recalls Tam. He accepted the challenge and started to head toward home. He spent his last thirteen cents, a nickel on a hamburger and eight cents on gas.

As his gas was running out he felt led to pick up a hitch hiker. The stranger turned out to be a farmer in need of a ride and he paid for the rest of Stanley’s gas to get home.

Tam never forgot that God sends strangers along our paths to meet our needs if we will step out and obey God.

As his business grew Tam made God his formal business partner and committed 51% of the business profits to Christian ministry. Years later as his business continued to succeed he heard the Lord ask him “Would you be willing to turn your entire business over to Me?”

Believing that God wanted to transfer his earthly wealth into eternal treasures, he said, “Thank you Lord. You can have it all.”

“We always lived on a moderate salary”, his daughter told me, and Dr. Tam gave millions to Kingdom work. Now in his 90’s Dr. Tam still travels to share his giving testimony. You can learn more about this amazing man at this link

Several books he has written are available for purchase at this link.


Lilian said...

Hi, I live in Brazil, and at this moment I was reading Dr. Stanley Tam's book "God owns my business" (translated to portuguese) and written 20 year ago. I was reading and wondering if he's still alive, so I looked for his name at Google and found your blog link.

I'm pleased for finding someone who thinks as I do, who is "cold, calculist, interested in money" but seriously worried about pleasing God.

If you'd like to contact me:

Best regards.

John Young said...

Lilian, I heard Dr Tam speak last week at a Christian Business Network luncheon in Dayton, Ohio. At 92 he is still a thrilling presenter and he does a "hand-raising" altar call. Blessings, John Young

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Unknown said...

8/5/2011: As others I was reading Dr. Stanley Tam's book "God owns my Business" I received as a gift after my friend heard me tell how GOD spoke to me about some ideas. It can be very discouraging but GOD is so amazing! His book has been such an encouragement all these years later. I would like to write him but not sure where. Response is appreciated to

Thanks you & GOD bless.