Friday, January 06, 2006

Commissioner Vargus

I noticed in the Tribune this morning that Carmella Vargus, the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Human Services, has resigned. The article didn't make the front page of even the metro section. The Trib suggests that he made an inappropriate remark that precipitated his resignation and that other Latino leaders feel he was forced out by people in the mayor's office.

I appreciated Carmella for his big heart and his grassroots advocacy for the homeless. He spent years driving a DHS van around the city picking up homeless people and urging them to get into shelters and apartments. But running a city department was not his best gig. I'm hoping Mayor Daley and his crew will identify someone for that position with strong leadership skills who can be effective in bringing money to the city to fund human services. The people of the city who need help deserve a CDHS that is well managed. And I hope Carmella can get back to doing what he loves to do, operating on the front line of service provision.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your point that serving inside your talents and gifts is so important. I was reading some time ago, that our society tends to promote people to their level of incompetence...meaning that we promote very gifted and successful people (like Carmella) in organizations to the level that they finally can't succeed at the job. Maybe we as humans are attracted to these "promotions" because of the additional power and responsibility they will give us...not to mention $$$.