Saturday, November 14, 2009

Precious, the movie

Last weekend I went with a group of friends to see the movie, Precious. It's very raw, mostly due to language and the image of Precious being so horribly abused by her parents. When things get real ugly Precious switches into a fantasy world which saves us from having to watch. It is deeply moving. By the end I wanted to go out and start alternative schools and half way houses for people like Precious.

When she tries to escape her abusive situation she goes to a church. The choir is inside practicing but the doors are locked. She goes to her teacher instead. It is a sad commentary on the church, which I don't know is really accurate (in my experience it is mostly church-going people who are running caring ministries), but it is a real challenge for us in the church to step up our game in caring for hurting people.

The movie is a great discussion starter. Precious needs a lot of help, a support network, and she will need it for a long time. As in the film I find it amazing what a little kindness means to people who have lived with so much cruelty. May we all learn to be better lovers. And yes, I agree with the reviewers, Mo'Nique deserves an Oscar for this one!


Melanie Jordan said...

Thank you for sharing and I agree. A little kindness does go far. I heard the novel that Precious was based off is a great read. It's rare that you find those type novels, the ones that truly move you to tears with the turn of every page. I was fortunate enough to read a book a few months back about HIV/AIDS. It's fiction but so real. The title is Consequences by Linda R. Herman. It's my new favorite book and I hope one day it hits the big screen. It is great for society as so many lives are being lost to AIDS.

Anonymous said...

I really like the precious movie.Awesome movie.. i really pity on precious.her father is very bad.I had watched this movie last night.while watching this movie...I was can also watch Precious movie from the internet

Anonymous said...

Personally I"m tired of movies portraying black people like animals.Hollywood continues to display black people to white amerikkka either as glorified drug dealers like in the movie American gangster. Its more of Hollywood hostility toward black people.Like Chuck D of public enemy said" BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN"

Kelvin Gilmore said...

Once again, a black man is portrayed as a monster that deserves a lynching.
The movie is saying let's take out his dirty laundry; hang it on the big screen for profiting.

For this movie has displayed the demons that tries a black man's soul.
God created him to be a king that eats from his table not a dog eating from a bowl.

Yes, there are issues that a black man must confront.
But his issues shouldn't be exploited and used as an entertaining stunt.

Every black related movie is either part of the problem or the solution.
"Precious" is a continuation of the problem-it's solution is a black man's execution.

Come to Jesus Christ all black males and be delivered from generational curses.
God is not like man; he has a solution that restores hope and healing written in his holy verses.

May God forgive those who only show what a black man is and not what he was created to be.
May God send more servants to show love and compassion opening blinded eyes so they can see.

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