Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Notes from Breakthrough donors affected by the economy

I am blown away lately by the faithfulness of the Breakthrough donors... and I mean they are putting REAL faith into action. Here are excerpts from two notes I received just this week.
I have been studying Elisha and the story of the man in 2 Kings 4 who brought 20 loaves to Elisha. It was probably his tithe, and Elisha was able to feed the one hundred people with him and there were leftovers! -- during a famine!! Don't you love God?! He can take even the smaller amount of money and make it go farther than we ever dreamed it would go!! We love you guys!
Here's another note that came with a large unexpected donation!
We have certainly been impacted by the financial decline in 2008 (but that doesn't make us special!) but continue to be challenged by God to give generously and faithfully. We have been meditating on the story in Mark of the "Young Rich Man" and have been following Jesus' simple and clear words "...you have only one thing left to do... sell your possessions, give to the poor and follow me." "Only one thing left to do" is the mantra that we are focusing on when we are worried about the scarcity of money and want to keep it for ourselves -- it is encouraging us to give.
Another of our supporters has decided to restrict herself to $176 per month for groceries which is what Illinois Food Stamp (Link) recipients receive so she can continue to give. She is practicing intentional "self regulation".

This is the real deal. I am humbled and inspired. I'm not sure what God is up to right now, but I have a feeling it is very good for us as we learn to activate what Brennan Manning calls, Ruthless Trust!


Donnamo said...

WOW! Waterfront Church is inspiring as are the other readers who are seeing this downturn as an OPPORTUNITY to show God's goodness in the land of the living!

Paul Luikart said...

What a great example of living in faith these donors are. Very encouraging to me.

KG said...

This is encouraging. I also experienced this same thing in the last week. I was introduced to someone for the first time who told me that he felt that the bad economy meant that it was more important for him to give more. Him and his wife were being led to extend their giving now because they new that many organizations like Breakthrough would be struggling.
What a testimony to the people of God looking not only to their own interest, but also to the interest of others.
Thanks for sharing this.