Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pornography in the Chicago Library

I had lunch with my friends Don and Amanda Bratschie yesterday and they told me about a crusade they have launched to try to get the Chicago library to block porn on their internet computers. It is really a shocking story. Check out this link to see Don and Amanda on WGN TV and this one to read Amanda's blog.


SafeLibraries said...

Thank you for bringing that news report to my attention. I viewed Julie Unruh's report. She did some outstanding work in that report. She exposed Mary Dempsey's, how shall I say this..., blatant false information. For example, the undercover cameras show the "privacy screens" are totally useless. For example, the undercover cameras show a child walking behind an adult down the aisle and seeing all the porn and Mary Dempsey says the adult should have had more control on the child. How? Get her fitted for blinders and a neck brace to keep her head from turning? Oh there are so many more blatant lies in that report and cold excuse making. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

If you only knew what happened to me as a child in a children's home when I was younger. What started out as innocent child's play turned out to be adults play with memories that still haunt me to this day from time to time.

It started me down a path of sexual freedom I thought to a desire that drove me to the depths of horror and to the gates of Hell.

Not bragging just telling it like it is and was for a flower child from the past. Porn is not good and is a hard habit to break free from.