Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Sheep and the Goats Revisited

Heather Wax wrote an article for the Ooze that I am pondering.
Jesus answered, "In as much as you were not a brother to your sister, you were not a friend to me either. However, since this is the revised story, and I'm just a caricature of the real Jesus, I'm not going to sentence you to fire or anything. But I am going to sentence you to think long and hard about the heart of both sheep and goats - when you lay in bed at night, when you're in the shower,and driving to work...and ask you to read the real story over again. That way, when you meet the real Jesus, you'll hopefully be a little more ready. Watch and pray."

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cwillz said...

Hmmm. Hearts often follow actions. I think Jesus knew this which is why He asks us to act, and in so doing change our hearts.