Tuesday, April 01, 2008

King's Final Crusade

Thanks to Tawnya for sending me the link to this CNN article about what Taylor Branch, the author of Parting the Waters, Pillar of Fire and At Canaan's Edge, says King was planning when he died. He was planning a Poor People's March on Washington DC.
King called his crusade the Poor People's Campaign. He planned to march on Washington with a multiracial army of poor people who would build shantytowns at the Lincoln Memorial -- and paralyze the nation's capital if they had to.
I like the final statement of the article.
"You can't take a person's life who's already given it up."

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Breanna said...

It's interesting to think about the fact that King had begun to move away from issues of race to issues of poverty and justice right before his death. I think that shows how important it is that we focus on these issues. If only we could champion MLK as someone who worked for social justice and people would begin to follow his path in that sense.