Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stop The Killing

EX 20:13 is a movement to stop the killing in our neighborhoods based on Exodus 20:13 which says, "Thou shalt not kill". This Saturday Garfield Park is the focus. Marches start assembling at 10:30 and step off at 11:00 AM at four locations:
  • 325 S. California
  • 3555 W. Huron
  • 4301 W. Washington
  • 718 S. Independence
All four marches converge at Hamlin and Jackson at noon for a tent rally.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Hey Arloa,
I know talking about this sunday may not be helpful since it would have already happened, but bringing up the event and letting the church know how to get involved in future events like this I think is essential to connecting us to our community. Apparently there was a similar event just a few weeks ago in Humboldt Park that I think would have been imperative to have a presence at.

Hope you are well!