Monday, September 10, 2007

27 Days Until the Chicago Marathon

The training is getting pretty intense now with less than a month to go to the Chicago marathon. I got my bib number in the mail today, #45140!! This picture is from the finish line of the Scenic Ten in Park Forest, the ten mile race I ran in on Labor Day. I cried after the gun went off just at the realization that God has given me this gift of being fit enough to run. I'm so grateful. It was also very inspiring to run with people who were obviously handicapped or much older than me. It reminded me of how blessed I am. I ran 14 miles yesterday. Next weekend I will attempt twenty. I still need $700 to meet my fundraising goal for World Vision. Please help me help World Vision to meet the AIDs crisis in Africa.


Tom said...

Hi Arloa, Just wanted to stop by and wish you the best with your running.

I admire your outlook as seeing your capabilities as blessings.

I'll be joining you and the field at Chicago.

Keep up your good work!

Aaron said...

You are such an inspiration to many. Keep being sacrificial as you walk in
your calling.

PS. You posted a while back about how you have lost weight. Please give me some pointers. thanks!

Grace and Peace,