Monday, August 13, 2007

Bart Campolo: I Hate It When All You Can Do Is Pray

Thanks to my blogger buddy, Ryan, for sending me the link to this beautiful story by Bart Campolo.


Anonymous said...

Since Bart Campolo has at some level denied most tenets of the faith, I would give his thoughts more attention, but that is a side note.

I think we all feel like this some times, but it is based on our messed up, fleshly thinking. That is why Rom. 12:1,2 tells us to be renewing our mind. Correct theology/correct thinking helps us to respond correctly. When we feel like prayer is not enough, it is because of our not being in touch with what we know to be true.

God is in control. God can do anything. We are not in control. We have limited power.

Prayer is the most powerful of resources to the follower of Christ and to suggest otherwise is an insult to Almighty God.


Westy said...

I agree, KG, I think he has some bad theology.
But I thought this story was good. I could relate.
I agree, it's probably our human-ness (sin), but I often find myself wanting to be able to DO something. Although I know that prayer is all-powerful, I find myself moving on mentally to something that feels more pragmatic.
In that moment, I suppose I am just not trusting God. We as humans want control and have a hard time ceding it.