Wednesday, September 20, 2006

White Privilege

Marlone Finley from my Tuesday night BUILD group sent me this link today to an article about a survey that indicates that 60% of whites understand that being white brings them special privileges. What is concerning to me is that means 40% believe that institutions are color-blind and don't contribute to those privileges.


Anonymous said...

Years ago I applied for admission to a technical school in Philadelphia. Being white and male made me unable to obtain any financial help. My wife and I were inner city missionaries and I was trying to develop vocational skills. We were very poor financially even though I am a hard worker and my wife works really hard. But because I was white and a man I did not get financial assitance. Just giving the flip side of this. :-) Have a blessed day. The Lord is good!!! By the way, I am actually 1/8 Cherokee and 1/4 Jew, but my skin color is White, and so that is what they went on. Oh well. The Lord is still so good and faithful, despite terrible social injustices.

Arloa Sutter said...

When we whites experience injustice we are outraged, yet in happens to minorities all the time. Last night on the chanel 5 news they featured the story of a white kid from the suburbs who drove to the westside of Chicago and got some heroin laced with phentenol and died. He was a Maine South student and his father was Jack Krecker, deputy police chief of the Franklin Park Police. While I feel the pain of the Krecker family I couldn't help but think of Curtis and the 70 others who have died whose stories aren't told on the 10 o'clock news. They have families too, but they are the invisible Americans.

Thanks Mike for expressing how it feels to be passed over because of skin color.