Monday, June 05, 2006

Shalom from Jerusalem

We have been touring Jerusalem for the last two days. We had a worship service Sunday morning on the Temple Mount, some steps on the south side of the walls that at one time led up to the temple. We walked down the road that was near the area where Jesus would have traveled on Palm Sunday for the triumphal entry. We saw the garden tomb, next to Golgatha, where Jesus was crucified.I will never read the Bible in the same way since being here. I can now picture so many of the places from the time of Moses to the Apostle Paul. This trip is demystifying Scripture for me, making it real, rooted, grounded in this land.

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Candice said...

Hi Arloa... You must be having a great time. I love seeing the pictures you are posting. Your blog is realy cool.

Come home soon, Candice